Futuristic home

The villa near Düsseldorf is anything but mainstream and impresses with its unusual design language. The generous window front allows the living space on the ground floor to be continuously extended to the outside.

A single-family house which does not comply with the standard. For once not square and conventional. These requirements could be met with the formally spectacular house for the client and his family of four on a plot of land in the east of Düsseldorf.

The architect's office of Dirk Henning Braun from Aachen convinced the client with his idea to design a house that adapts the angularly folded luxury yachts of the Italian manufacturer Wally and to use innovative materials and technologies.

An essential aspect of architectural design is the transparency of the house. In this form, the filigree sliding windows are a substitute for exterior walls and have little in common with classic windows.

The living room on the ground floor, with its lowered fireplace lounge and open kitchen, leads directly into the exterior space - thanks to the electrically operated, 4 m wide panoramic windows, a continuous space continuum can be created.

Architect:  Atelier BRAUNARCHITEKTUR |  Photographer: Daniel Hartz


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